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CLIENT: City Of Seattle

LOCATION: Shoreline, WA

Shoreline Street Ends Public Outreach


Broadview Planning and its team of sub consultants led a capital improvements public engagement strategy for Seattle’s Shoreline Street Ends; a program focused on improving waterfront access at public rights-of-way abutting the Duwamish River, Lake Washington, and Lake Union. With the importance of public space and blue space at the forefront of strategic design, we facilitated and coordinated with city departments through the process of redesigning for improved public access. To tailor to surrounding neighborhood needs and to build energy around this project while raising awareness, our team developed public involvement plans, designed and led public meetings, created project websites and outreach materials, and facilitated project meetings with the project team.


Accessibility, Community Development, Green Space, Parks & Recreation, Trails


Public Engagement, Design, Facilitation, Website Building, Marketing, Community Outreach

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