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CLIENT: City of Bellevue, Community Development Department

LOCATION: Bellevue, WA

Mitigating Health Impacts in Development Adjacent to High-Volume Roadways


Broadview Planning led the development of a policy guide for the City of Bellevue that addressed the potential health impacts associated with new development adjacent to high-volume roadways. The final document functions as an educational and advisory tool with the potential to inform a broad range of City-led planning and decision-making efforts. To prepare the guide, Broadview Planning facilitated several in-depth conversations with transportation, air quality, land use, building code, and public health subject matter experts; performed a sweeping literature review; identified a suite of mitigation strategies; coordinated revisions across multiple reviewers; and created a report that identified best practices and recommendations to help guide Bellevue’s future planning efforts.


Public Health, Transportation, Land Use Planning, Air Quality


Stakeholder Interviews, Qualitative Research, Evaluation, Technical Writing

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