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CLIENT: Island County Planning & Development

LOCATION: Island County, WA

Island County Washington Housing Element Outreach


To fully inform policies and drive approaches to housing, Island County approached Broadview Planning to help understand the issues and needs of their highly diverse group of residents. Overcoming a geographically challenging community engagement strategy, we facilitated balancing perspectives in the rural community. BVP achieved this adaptive outreach process utilizing a highly successful community survey, key stakeholder interviews, piloting Island County’s first social media campaign, and promoting awareness and themes from study. Findings presented by Broadview Planning informed the Housing Element Update of Island County’s Comprehensive Plan and gave further insight into the County’s current housing issues. 


Community Development, Housing Policy, Affordable Housing, Regional Planning


Community Engagement, Stakeholder Interviews, Marketing, Research, Focus Groups, Qualitative Research, Survey Design, Public Meetings, Social Media

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