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CLIENT: Seattle Parks and Recreation


Green Seattle Partnership Communications Strategy + Outreach


Broadview Planning led public outreach and communications for restoration projects across the 2,500 acres of Seattle’s urban forest located on public parks. Each restoration site had different and complicated public engagement needs and required individual outreach plans and processes that were tailored to each site. An overarching, core component of the project was to increase awareness and involvement of urban forests and build the city’s network of Urban Forest Stewards. To accomplish these goals, the BVP developed the program’s first strategic communications plan that identified internal shifts in communications processes and operations that helped Green Seattle Partnership team reach their goals to inform, involve, and create an active community around forest restoration and stewardship.


Community Development, Green Space, Parks + Open Space, Resouces Conservation, Natural Resource Management, Urban Forestry, Community Health


Public Engagement, Communications, Evaluation, Data Analytics, Strategic Planning

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