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CLIENT: Office of Sustainability and Environment


Seattle's Municipal Energy Efficiency Program 


From piloting innovative programs to managing complex projects with multiple deliverables to analyzing and synthesizing data into actionable reports, Broadview Planning continues to bring clarity to Seattle’s Resource Conservation Management program. Partnering with City staff and strategic partners, our team identifies programmatic efficiencies, streamlines communications and logistics across a diverse array of stakeholders, and defines a shared vision of success. By facilitating interdepartmental stakeholders, we develop a comprehensive internal energy guidance document that flags programmatic and capital investment opportunities as well as evaluates the implementation progress. In addition our work in technical writing and meeting facilitation continues to reduce energy use across Seattle’s municipal building portfolio.


Business Improvement Areas, City Planning, Climate Change, Environmentalism, Energy, Resource Conservation, Occupational Health


Communications, Community Engagement, Data Analytics, Evaluation, Facilitation, Research, Technical/Writing Editing

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