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CLIENT: Help Me Grow

LOCATION: Pierce County

Developing Anti-racist Policies for Foster Care


As Help Me Grow sought to build an antiracist family support system in Pierce County, Broadview Planning conducted a wide-ranging and comprehensive literature review and policy analysis to understand racial disproportionality within the child welfare system, including the lasting harm to families and the suite of possible interventions that could reduce such harm.  Our review identified strategies (1) to lift families out of poverty, (2) to address substance use and mental health, (3) to ensure equitable access to safe housing, and (4) to make carceral systems more just for families, as well as opportunities for broad multi-sector collaboration. This work led to an article to be published in a peer-reviewed journal and several new policies under review by Pierce County.


Equity, Community Health, 


Research, Technical Writing, Policy Development

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