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CLIENT: Natural Systems Design/Chehalis Basin Strategy

LOCATION: Onalaska, WA

Chehalis Basin Strategy Newaukum River Outreach


As part of the ongoing effort to reduce flood impacts in the Chehalis River Basin, Broadview Planning, in partnership with NSD and Carlstad Consulting, led a broad community outreach process to connect with rural landowners through one-on-one interviews and small community meetings. This was the first outreach effort to directly target those most impacted by flooding in an effort to learn firsthand about the experience of living on the Newaukum River and gather new ideas for both protecting property and restoring streamflow. The project succeeded in meeting the twin goals of gathering community input and educating people on the benefits of river restoration projects, and results were met with enthusiastic support from local residents and the Chehalis Basin Board. Direct community input from this project fundamentally shaped the direction of the second phase of the project that focused on designing and engineering restoration projects with the support of participating landowners.


Community Development, Community Health, Land Use, Water to Water Resources, Natural Resource Management


Community Outreach, Stakeholder Interviews, Training, Public Meetings

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