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CLIENT: Whatcom County Health and Community Services

LOCATION: Whatcom County, WA

Building Resilience Against Smoke and Heat


Whatcom County Health and Community Services hired Broadview Planning to provide project management and public health oversight for a first-of-its-kind climate vulnerability assessment (CVA). To maximize the CVA’s potential impact, the effort focuses on two imminent climate issues that directly impact the health and well-being of Whatcom County residents: extreme heat and wildfire smoke. As exposure to these two hazards increases across the county, frontline communities face disproportionate health impacts. The final CVA will help advance health equity in Whatcom County by providing critical context for future program, policy, and infrastructure investment decisions   associated with climate change.


Public Health, Climate Change + Adaptation, Health Equity


Project Management, Public Engagement, Communications, Stakeholder Interviews, Community Meetings

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