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CLIENT: City of Bellevue

LOCATION: Bellevue, WA

Bellevue Affordable Housing Outreach


Broadview Planning crafted the outreach and engagement approach for Bellevue’s Affordable Housing Strategy. Taking into consideration, and keenly aware of staff and resource constraints, our team identified best practices for multicultural outreach, social media, general media, and ethnic media. This research resulted in two broad reaching community surveys that functioned to raise awareness, built momentum, and engaged Bellevue residents through non-traditional channels. Our team was responsible for designing and marketing the website as well as the logo for the outreach initiative.  Based on survey results, we refined our communications approach by establishing beginning community focus groups, crafting educational workshops, and hosting an interactive online public open house.


Affordable Housing, City Planning, Community Development, Housing Policy, Urban Planning, Community Health, Equity


Community Engagement, Stakeholder Interviews, Website Design, Public Engagement, Facilitation, Focus Groups, Social Media, Public Meetings, Qualitative Research

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